Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Costa Rican River Driving

In July me and my buddy Dave took a surf trip to Costa Rica.  July is the rainy season making many of the roads impassable.  On the Nicoyan Penninusla, the roads literally disappear into huge rivers- imagine what will do to your morning commute.  When we rented our cars it was specifically written into the contract that you would not "attempt to drive accross any rivers.  When we first read this we found it hilarious.  Who would actually attempt to cross a river in a rental car?  Two days later, we found out- us.

Scenario Number 1:  El Rio Mas Pequeno

This was the first of two rivers Dave and I came to while driving.  Dave and I had driven for four hours when we got to this river.  We were about to turn around when two things happened:
  1. We saw a kid take a scooter accross it (although it was slightly up stream.)
  2. A French guy, and his rather attractive girlfriend drove accross it after some debate.
Dave and I were not about to be shown up by a guy on a vespa and a couple of Frenchies!

The deal was this:  Dave would drive and I would ford the river.  Now, walking into this knee deep water may not seem like much, but I took this picturte three hours earlier.  
Thinking back, I think I may have been on the losing end of this deal.

Scenario Number 2:  El Rio Mas Grande

Our first river crossing being so successful, Dave and I decided to up the ante.  This rio was doozie compared to the first one.  It is amazing how much more confident one gets after getting away with doing something relatively stupid once.  "We climbed Mt. Palomar, you want to do Everest next week?"

 A day earlier we stood on the bank of "El Rio Mas Pequeno" for a good thirty minutes before crossing (and it took a guy on a scooter and French couple to prove to us it was possible.)  That river was about 20 yards across and we could easily walk accross (assumming we were not eaten by a large reptile.)  This river was triple its size, much deeper, and with a fast current.  Although we were both too scared to ford it on foot first, we decided to put the Citroen (or whatever it was) in 4 wheel and charge.  "Ahhhhhhh goulet."  I could actually feel the current pushing the car down the river as I crossed.  If you look closely, you can see it too.  Awesome.

Scenario Number 3:  Heading Back to El Rio Mas Grande

About five minutes after our previous crossing we came to another river.  This one was impassable (given the size of our testicles.)  Unable to bring myself to do it, I decided if a few Imperials would do the trick; however, no matter how many beers I drank, the damn thing refused to shrink.  Dave did not drink- and remained the voice of reason.  Apparently our stupiditiy had a limit, and we had reached it.  Having not yet come down off my adrenaline high from the previous crossing I let Dave take the wheel for the second crossing.  I had tested my luck once with El Rio Mas Grande and I was not going to do it again.  Here is a clip of the chat we had on the way back to El Rio Mas Grande:

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