Wednesday, October 1, 2008

C-Walk, Fool

Sunday I got thinking about C-Walkin’- and once I get something on my mind…

What is C-Walkin’ you ask?

C-walk was originally short for Crip Walk (think Bloods/Crips.)


"Largely composed of nimble movements with the feet, the Crip Walk had a variety of purposes including recognition, showing love and loyalty to fellow Crip members, and making a loud statement to others that the walker is a member of the Crips. Another purpose of the walk was to insult rivals (most specifically the Bloods), in which they would spell out the name of their rivals and then cross it out."

They would walk out their rivals name’s and then cross it out?!?  That’s awesome.  I don’t know what I would do if someone spelled out my name with their feet, then crossed it out.  I might try to get their autograph or have them come to my birthday party and perform, but apparently, that would get me shot.

In any case, somewhere along the way the Crip Walk became known as the Clown Walk (much to the chagrin of the local Crips I am sure.)  Now, how a dance by a bunch of gun toting G's went from Crip Walk to Clown Walk has to be a story in itself.  My guess is it goes something like this:

A Crip member was moonlighting as a clown (hey, even a full time G has bills to pay.)  One night after a long gig at a Hollywood Bar Mitzvah, he stumbled upon members of a rival gang.  Forgetting he had white face paint, a blue afro wig, and a red horn nose- he began throwin’ his gang signs up and C-walkin' up and down the street- spelling out the rival gang members names, their momma’s names, their mamma’s mamma’s names, and their mamma’s mamma’s mamma’s names- and then crossing them all out.  All told, there were generations of mother’s names completely erased in one single walk.

It was a fine display of Crip Walkin’ indeed; however, all anyone noticed was thered horn nose, size 36 shoes, and the white mumu.  It was indeed a clown performing this momentous feat-  and from that point on the Crip Walk would forever be known as the Clown Walk (which must have really pissed Tookie off.)

Last Sunday I decided I wanted to see some C-Walkin’.   Not knowing any Crips, or clowns, I turned to YouTube.  Here is a little of what I saw during my four hours of intense research on the art form known as the C-Walk:

Viet Jr. Is the Most Unbelievable C-Walker (I think he is also a middle school Asian kid)


As my research continued, I noticed people use C-Walkin to express emotions- sometimes conflicting.

 I Love You C-Walk (don't be afraid to turn off after 30 seconds- this gets a bit much, plus we gotta keep it moving.)



You Broke My Heart and I hate you C-Walk (suspciously similar “I love you C-walk”- I think he just wanted to show Jenny what she was missing (and an excuse to C-Walk of course))


Pitching Products C-Walk (you should watch this one all the way through- sick- not sure about the two color shoes.)


 In the last vid you should have noticed the perfectly timed "dust-off"- a clutch move of any C-Walk.

 Dog Lover C-Walk (I just like the music)


 What did I learn from all this?  

Not much; however, as much walking as I do maybe I could use a little C-Walkin in my own life.  In fact, maybe we all could.  

So the next time you see me in the board room or strolling down Mission Blvd to get a four dollar lowfat latte don’t be surprised if you see me throw in the occasional heel/toe, v-transition, shuffle, gangsta hop, wiggle walk, or knee drop. 

 And you know I’ll be dustin’ them off…


carriehogan said...

CJ can C-Walk like nobodys business. Not kidding.

galdo said...

what happened to good old fashioned tap dancing?