Saturday, September 20, 2008



A single ray of light crests the distant mountain peaks.  The birds of the sea begin to sing and take flight in anticipation.  Somewhere near camp an animal stirs in the sand.  Second by second, minute by minute the warm rays of the sun permeate the land, ushering away the cold which had moved in during her absence.  The sky becomes an artist’s canvas with brush strokes of yellow, red, orange and blue dancing across it.  The sea below does its best to mirror the choreographed display above.   Animals, which had lay dormant through night, begin a parade of life.

As the cold retreats from the land, the warmth brings with it new life and hope; the dawn of a new day; a new adventure.  What secrets does this day hold?  What dreams will be realized?  What lovers found, and lost?   The dawn has unquestionable innocence and unlimited potential.  Like uncorrupted youth- there is the potential to do anything and go anywhere.  Today we will hit it big.  Today we will conquer our fears.  Today we will solve the problems of yesterday.    We will smile and laugh and be merry.  The slate is clean.  Our chance to realize our dreams is at hand.

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Lana said...

What is this? ...a bit of optimistic hope from Mr. Walden? Hmmmmm?! I like the sentence about the sea and also the "parade of life".

...and we keep on marching...but the key is to which drum beat?